Why Video Marketing

Youtube is owned by Google so a video with good keywords can show up right in Google’s search results, complete with a video thumbnail.
If you’re on the fence about using video in your business or on your blog, here is a compilation of some of the benefits that may convince you to get in front of the camera and give it a try.

  1. It is a powerful way to promote your brand.
  2. It’s an inexpensive marketing approach,
  3. showing that you’re keeping up with technology, Which in hand will benefit your product/services/brand.
  4. If your competitors do it and you don’t, you will be losing potential clients.
  5. You will It will be easier to reach more for your target market and retain you audience.
  6. You can “show” instead of “tell.” demonstrating your expertise sharing your knowledge passively
  7. You will develop a level of trust beyond what’s possible in writing alone.
  8. You will motivate potential clients to act quicker.
  9. Increased visibility in search engines. (Google bought YouTube so it ranks video well even from your site)
  10. You can get people to come back to your site more frequently.